What Kind of Work Goes into Maintaining Gorilla Pens?

One of the most majestic zoo attraction are the gorillas. These are magnificent animals, which, sadly, are hunted in their natural habitat. Even though governments try to protect these beasts, poachers are still able to shoot them down and kill them.

In zoos, their protection is better assured compared to the wild. However, like other zoo animals, there is a need to keep them in their natural habitat, or a reasonable facsimile. Gorilla pens are well thought out environments that try to mimic the gorilla’s natural home. There are no two gorilla pens that are alike. Each of these pens are a product of the design consideration unique to the zoo. As each zoo has an individual look, so too does the enclosures for the various animals. For each of the animals in a zoo, the maintenance required for each cage or pen is also different from other animals.

For gorilla pens, there are several things to consider. Is this a pen, with a moat and high walls? Or is this a sort of viewable cage with a thick glass separating the gorilla from the crowd? Either way, the zoo would have specific protocols in cleaning, and keeping the pen safe.

Among other things, a lot of the tools and equipment used have to be power tools of one kind or another. These include water jet cleaners, high powered vacuums, as well regular tools like the best battery powered screwdriver. It cannot be underlined enough that these tools have to be good quality, and that the maintenance has to be done thoroughly and quickly. The need for power tools is essential. There are things inside a gorilla pen that need to be tied down or screwed securely. This requires a good quality screwdriver to quickly unscrew and screw back an item.

Zoo maintenance is not a trivial task. The crew has to know their jobs, as they cannot go back and give it another run. They have a regular schedule and they have to keep it. Once they are through, they have to return the animal to the pen in a safe manner.

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