How Climate Change Affects Gorilla Population?

gIt was the World Environment Day, and the university students of Goma were enlightened on the climate change and its effects on the ecosystem by Tuver Wundi. The Great Lakes is the home to some exotic and threatened species, and it is the abode of mountain gorillas. It is also home to diverse ecosystems. The extreme use of natural resources at the border of the Virunga National Park can have adverse consequences on the ecosystem. The loss of the habitat is attributed to the illegitimate fuel market. It is the greatest threat gorillas are facing. The species depends on plants for both food and shelter, and the destruction of the forest is threatening their livelihood.

777AC506-9076-46CF-8742-EBE22410D6C2_mw1024_mh1024_sThe habitat loss can also be attributed to being the reason for the problem. The major cause for the climate change is illegal deforestation globally. It is only in the recent past that people have started to notice the problems faced in Africa due to the changes in the climate. The weather patterns change, and the harvest is disrupted. If this act of negligence is not stopped, it could be detrimental to the ecosystem. It is important to act now before everything goes out of control informs Tuver.

The university students were listening intensely to the speech, and their reception was cordial says Tuver. The interest shown by the students is a good sign that the future is in safe hands. The awareness of the climate change and its dangers in the eastern Congo region is on the rise, and it is no more the interest of a few environmentalists and gorilla conservationists who look for immediate action but also the student community. The students have to get engaged in environmental activities and should take an active part in educating the communities on protecting the forest, saving the gorilla and save the planet from destruction, ended Tuver.

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