Why Harambe the Gorilla Wouldn’t Have Hurt a Child

When Harambe, the gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo was killed last year, social media was on fire. Everyone has opinions regarding the incident. Most people thought that the zoo management made the right decision as Harambe would have hurt the child. On the other hand, there were those who really were pissed off as Harambe did not show any signs that he was going to attack the child. If anything, he was merely playing.

Harambe has just celebrated its 17th birthday when a boy climbed through the barriers and fell on the 4.5-metre enclosure.

The boy was not really in danger

Several animal experts weighed in on the issue. There was one who got really outraged by the idea that Harambe was killed for a very stupid reason. In fact, this expert argued that a lot of parents won’t mind feeding their children with cancer-causing chemicals in bacon and hotdogs. Others even inject their kids with all sorts of chemicals that have been found to be brain-damaging. However, these same people cried foul when a gorilla went near a child out of ignorance and fear. His main point was that it was a totally stupid decision and Harambe was never the villain, and didn’t deserve to die.

The concept of a zoo is cruel

There were those who took it a step further and said that people should not be enraged by Harambe’s killing alone, but the idea of zoos in general. Animals happily living in the wild are captured for the entertainment of humans. These animals were supposed to be roaming freely in the wild without having to deal with human beings in any way. It is also a stupid idea to think that animals can be taught tricks for entertaining human beings. They were not meant to be controlled by human beings. Imagine if Harambe was left in the wild. The gorilla could have lived longer. They were meant to fend for themselves.

Harambe was being protective

Several gorilla caretakers and experts believed that Harambe didn’t mean to harm the child at all. The reason why the management has decided to shot Harambe was because it dragged the child by the leg.

Analyzing the behaviour of gorillas, the action was meant to protect the child from danger. Harambe would have done the same with another younger gorilla in danger. It might have looked rough and scary from afar, but the truth is that it was far from harmful.

There was a similar incident in a park in Jersey in 1986 when a 5-year old child fell into the gorilla pit. To the people’s surprise, there was one gorilla that stroked and cared for the boy. He protected the boy from the other aggressive gorillas in the enclosure. Eventually, they were able to pull the child out and no one was killed. The child was injured due to the incident, but was safe from the gorilla.

If only the parents were able to look after their child well in the zoo, he would not have fallen into the enclosure and Harambe would not have died. For your next trip to the zoo, make sure none of this happens.