Saving The Congo Gorillas From Extinction

g29The Congo Basin is home to some rare fauna and is one of the best bio-diverse with a wide range of species. There are some exclusive species in the region. Among the long list of species, the most endangered are the lowland Gorilla, an inhabitant of Gabon and the Republic of Congo. This is the place where you can find most of the lowland Gorilla. Congo is devoid of anthropogenic influences, yet there is a serious decline in the number of gorillas. The reason attributed is the rise in infrastructural developmental activities happening in the rainforests, disturbing the ecosystem.

Credit: Mahlatini Luxury Safari

The Endangered Species International (ESI) promotes conservational projects to save the planet from flora and fauna extinction. ESI has its site in the Congo basin and the study reveals around 58 gorillas live in 123 sq km. It was estimated that the density of weaned gorillas was at 0.81 individuals/sq km in the forest and no individuals in the degraded forests. In protected areas with well-preserved habitats, the gorillas were lower than expected. There is a hot spot for the gorillas. The human activities are threatening the very existence of the animals in the Congo region. It is putting tremendous pressure on the animals.

In the study site of 123 sq km, the ESI protects the lowland gorillas as part of the conservation activities. Other endangered species in studied in the project includes mandrills, forest elephants. African dwarf crocodiles among others. There is some plant life that is also threatened. The major cause of concern was illegal wild meat hunting and deforestation happening for the past 2 decades. Now these concerns have been contained to a certain extent. ESI works in close coordination with the forest hunters and has started a cooperative named the Hunter for Gorilla Conservation program. Moreover, with the help of ESI, an ecotourism on a small scale is being conducted along with awareness seminars.

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